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10 Reason Why Paperbacks Rule!!!! From epicreads.com


1. They are lightweight.




Holding hardcovers can be exhausting.



2. They are flexible.

Why just curl up with a good book, when your book can curl up with you, too?



3. They are travel friendly.



4. They are the more socially acceptable book weapon.



5. They still offer that inviting book smell.



6. They make better use of your bookshelf real estate.




7. They are a more comfortable eye mask.




8. They allow endless flipbook possibilities.


9. And book hearts.

10 Reasons Why We Love Paperbacks


10. They welcome affection.




 But, honestly, you love you your book no matter the format. Because you know what really matters is what’s inside.



From http://www.epicreads.com/blog/10-reasons-why-paperbacks-rule/


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